Monsters vs. Aliens iOS App


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! Meet B.O.B., the indestructible gelatinous mass from DreamWorks Animations' Monsters vs. Aliens. Visit him in the super secret government containment center where he has lived for the last 50 years, hidden away from an unsuspecting public. This app features fun ways for kids and movie fans to see and hear more from the gooey and blue-y B.O.B.

  • - Containment Center-Tainment - Try B.O.B.'s favorite activites: "52 Pick-Up", "B.O.B. Says" and "Monster Match".
  • - Meet B.O.B. - Swipe, poke, and shake B.O.B. to see his "eye-popping" reactions!
  • - B.O.B. Soundboard - "I may not have a brain gentlemen, but I have an idea!" - Listen to over 30 B.O.B. blurbs.
  • - Monsters vs. Aliens Dossier - Learn about the film, watch videos and view downloadable film stills.