Cocktail Culture iOS App


AMC approached AvatarLabs looking for a mobile app to help promote and build excitement for the fourth season of the hit show Mad Men. Our objective was to creatively leverage the brand and develop an app with broad-based appeal and utility that could stand alone as a fun, compelling product. AvatarLabs relished the opportunity to meet these objectives and bring fans into the world of the show and engage them in a playful way that further connected them to the brand. The result was the "Mad Men Cocktail Culture" app for the iPhone and iTouch devices.

The app gives users the opportunity to explore the stylish and artistic cocktail scene of the 1960's era show and perfect their skills at mixing drinks which have appeared throughout the seasons of Mad Men. In addition to a cocktail guide which includes an overview of 32 unique drinks of the era, fun facts and specific appearances in Mad Men episodes, the app enables users to pick from 11 playable cocktails and mix them; choosing glassware and containers, measuring and pouring spirits and mixers, adding garnishes, selecting actions, serving and finally, drinking their cocktail through a simulated liquid display.

The app takes full advantage of the iPhone's advanced interactive features such as tilting to pour the spirits, shaking for mixing, using multi-touch to squeeze lemons, spear olives and more. Once complete, drinks are judged on a variety of elements (style, taste, accuracy and potency) and scores can be shared with friends on Facebook through integrated functionality.

The result is a rich, immersive and truly interactive experience that goes far beyond the current drink and recipe app offerings to become an exciting and useful extension of the Mad Men brand in the mobile space.


  • - 2011 Webby Award Nominee (1 of 5 finalists including Rovio's Angry Birds and Zynga's FarmVille) - Games, Handheld Devices