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Motion Graphic :15 Spot

Flash & HTML5 rich media mobile ad unit

In summer 2012, Mattel launched Apptivity, a line of products in which "toys meet tablet."" To create a marketing campaign that raised awareness for the products while providing an educational element, Mattel tapped AvatarLabs to execute a variety of rich mobile ads.

Considering the target audience was on an iPad, Mattel and AvatarLabs set out to build an iAd that was as rich as a website and worked with the device's features in order to entertain, educate and inform consumers. The messaging was a play on standard tablet dialect. The Hot Wheels product was positioned as "The new pinch & zoom," the WWE product was "The new tap & hold," and the Batman product was "The new screen protector." All seven products had its own landing page that featured information, videos and images. The ad ran with eight different initial banners that contained general and product messaging. Clicking on the product banners would take the user to that product's landing page, while the general messaging banners clicked to the iAd homepage that included a :15 motion graphic spot AvatarLabs created using Mattel-provided assets.

AvatarLabs utilized the features of the iAd to add a unique dimension to each product's landing page. Using the accelerometer as well as the gyroscope, users were encouraged to hold the tablet at different angles and rotate the tablet 360� to view additional imagery and content.

In addition to the iAd/mobile creative, AvatarLabs created a slate of HTML5 rich media ads for the display advertising buy that offered interactivity and video, when viewed on tablets. The mobile campaign was complemented by a smaller online media buy. The Google portion of the mobile campaign, with full page video ads, experienced view rates that were 3x higher than Google benchmarks.

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