Spy Puzzles iOS App


The Nikita Spy Puzzles app, featuring the 2012 Kia Optima midsize sedan, is compiled of five fun and challenging puzzle games inspired by the second season of Nikita. Users are tasked to achieve certain point levels within each puzzle game and collect keys to ultimately unlock the final game and capture Percy's "black box" of government secrets. Badges are rewarded on each level which can be shared with friends through Facebook.

The CW set out to create an engaging app with multiple puzzle-based games to engage the target audience on iPhone and iPad during and between seasons. The app was meant to play off of familiar casual puzzle-style games that are easy to play and difficult to master. It was also meant to contain incentives to encourage fans to play all levels of all games. In addition, the app needed to integrate Kia Optima in an organic manner.

The CW and AvatarLabs ideated and executed a free iOS app that contained five spy-related puzzle games, each with three levels of difficulty. To increase engagement and repeat visits, a meta-game component was created wherein players must collect a key from the existing game level prior to continuing to the next level. The keys were also used to unlock the fifth game in the app: Operation Black Box (related to the show's "Black Box" story element.)

AvatarLabs created the slick 3D-style high-tech interface matching the tone of the series. The inclusion of music, sound effects, and voice-overs further enhanced the user experience. The app was integrated with Game Center so that users could track their achievements and see how their scores compared on global and friend leaderboards. Kia elements were integrated subtly within the different game.

This challenging suite of addictive games has enhanced fan loyalty via engagement over time within its large user base. The game launched in January 2012, and remains positively reviewed.


  • - 2012 MediaPost Appy Award - Finalist, Marketing/Branding/Advertising category (1 of 3)