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Official Movie Website

Undead Unleashed (Unity3D Game)

Street Invasion (Google Street View Game)

Video Recap

Mock Website for the Umbrella Corporation

Social Media Recruiting Campaign

  • Biotech
  • Product
  • Other versions included calls to action for Engineers and Security Specialists.

Online Ad Campaign

In 2012, Sony Pictures Entertainment released Resident Evil: Retribution. Looking to counteract any franchise fatigue and increase engagement among the franchise's large fan base, Sony Pictures tapped AvatarLabs to create a robust digital marketing campaign.

With a target audience of the franchise's fan base, video game and science fiction enthusiasts, AvatarLabs worked closely with Sony to develop a campaign that extended the franchise plotlines across real-world, social and mobile platforms. AvatarLabs created a mock website for the evil Umbrella Corporation on which fans could join Umbrella and create custom ID badges. They also scripted, shot and created a series of four Umbrella Corporation recruiting videos that were distributed via social media channels. AvatarLabs then launched the official HTML5 movie website featuring an immersive 3D-esque environment, which served as the central hub for the entire digital marketing campaign. Mobile versions were also created for iOS and Android.

AvatarLabs also created two original online games, �Undead Unleashed� and �Street Invasion� which allowed fans from all over the world to put themselves into the Resident Evil world and fight off the zombie invasion.

Finally, AvatarLabs built and distributed feature takeovers and rich media ads across various film and video game outlets. The ads promoted all the major campaign pieces and allowed fans to post Tweets directly from the ads. The highlight was a custom YouTube Mimic Page which featured custom video of Milla Jovovich breaking out of the site and allowing fans to shoot enemy ships. All of this was concepted and scripted by AvatarLabs, and shot by the film's director, Paul W.S. Anderson.

All of these highly targeted film promotions led to Resident Evil 5 securing the number one spot at domestic box offices its opening weekend, bringing in more than $21 million in U.S. ticket sales.