Catching Fire

Online Media Campaign


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the highly anticipated second installment in The Hunger Games trilogy as well as the second Hunger Games collaboration between AvatarLabs and Lionsgate. Due to the success of the first film, Lionsgate knew they would need highly innovative, interactive creative that was capable of communicating a myriad of information to fans in a usable yet streamlined way.

During the initial concepting stages, AvatarLabs transformed Lionsgate's key art into living, breathing motion posters. Katniss' image popped for the audience when we added motion -- burning flames, windblown hair, and an arrow that moved, taking aim at the audience. This idea was so impactful it became the basis for the campaign.

Lionsgate needed a way to highlight promotions, brand partners, mobile apps and microsites in addition to film-related content with in the expanding banners. A vertical parallax scrolling mechanism was our flexible solution. With this mechanism we were able to maximize the space, even within the smaller units. Each element in the scroll was individually animated, and moved in different directions and speeds. This not only gave Lionsgate the flexibility and space they needed, but gave the banners creative depth and sophistication that reflected the ultra modern, stylized world of Panem. Imagery from other portions of the campaign was used within the creative to maintain a cohesive look. As the campaign ran its course, we were able to adjust as needed by updating elements such as daily promotions (#ticktock) critic reviews, ticketing information and more.

Finally, we capitalized on opportunities to change the creative to target specific audiences. The hero key art of Katniss drawing her flaming arrow over a black background was served to general audiences. For female-targeted audiences, we used the pink and orange hues from the teaser art. Audiences flocked to see the film, which made over $800 Million worldwide.