Pacific Rim

Pan Pacific Defense Corp Website


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AvatarLabs worked with Warner Bros. Pictures to create The Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) website for the summer blockbuster Pacific Rim. This global, highly interactive, futuristic experience immerses fans into the high-tech universe of the global military circa 2019. We drew upon the lore of the film and the extensive brand bible to give fans an inside look into the history and inner workings of the PPDC.

The goals of the site were immersion, sharing and global reach. The use of design, motion, voiceover and sound effects made it a highly engaging experience. The site was responsively designed for desktop and mobile/tablet, giving fans the ability to cleanly navigate a large amount of content by tapping or swiping on any device.

Upon arrival, fans are invited to become a PDCC recruit. The first step is a Psychological Test that determines their starting rank and division, resulting in a badge that can be shared socially. Next is the Training Academy, where recruits can play three original simulation games with three levels each. When viewed on mobile, some of the games can be played using the device's accelerometer. Next, the Crisis Map allows fans to explore the history of the Kaiju attacks and interact with content around the famous Jaegers and legendary battles, including a series of downloadable custom propaganda posters that AvatarLabs created. The Shatterdome section contains in-depth, sharable content about the Jaegers and pilot teams and allows recruits to explore Loccent Control, the K-Science Lab, Kwoon Training and more. To encourage participation, fans can access their personal Dossiers to see what pieces of the site they've interacted with and shared, both on the site and "off base."

Pan Pacific Defense Corps website screenshot

Pan Pacific Defense Corps website screenshot

Pan Pacific Defense Corps website screenshot