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Case Study

We are the Boov and we are going to take over Earth. You're welcome! DreamWorks' animated film Home starring Steve Martin, Jim Parsons and Rihanna is about a species of aliens, The Boov, who escape from their enemies to their new home, Earth.

AvatarLabs created a website and social content campaign and strategy to support the first phase of the campaign, "Almost Home." The narrative of this phase mirrors that of the short film of the same name, in which The Boov are in space, deciding which planet to relocate to. They are very pleased to announce they have chosen Earth. Throughout the campaign, they will make a number of these announcements so that humans have time to prepare. Again, you're welcome.

The website and social campaign are synergistic. Content is created, then fed into the site and various social networks according to our strategy and content calendar. There are six categories of content which are indicated by different colors and iconography. We created a visual style that reflects the Boov's philosophies — for example, they do not understand square corners, therefore we utilize an organic style and typography.

We wish we could say more! Stay tuned for more on this and future phases of the campaign leading up to the Spring 2015 release.

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